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The Ministry is Here!
Question questioning authority

Inspector Muffin's first CD captures the spirit of the Summer of Love with a modern edge. A psychotic blender filled with the influences of Beatles, Kinks, Pink Floyd, Turtles and Monkees, this CD delivers a psychedelic slurpee of delight.

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"What's so cool about Inspector Muffin is that the music is well studied. You'll hear just about every influence from the 60s rock bands very well executed and produced...yet the common sense that Muffin gives you rivals Thomas Paine." - Bud Myers

"This is the kind of great pop music you don't hear much anymore: smart, catchy, and utterly memorable. In lesser hands, a song like "The Great Chicago Fire" could be a cliche, but here it completely works even after repeated listening. And listening repeatedly is just what you'll do with this album." - Jerry Jodice
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About the CD
Starting with the censorship anthem "The Ministry of Common Sense," the CD captures the feel of the British Invasion with jangly guitars and winking lyrics. "The Great Chicago Fire" delivers pop music hall whimsy with flaming bovine fervor. "For the Sake of Emerson Manchester" is a beautifully pretentious acoustic and synthesizer dream which is then followed by the heroic "The Vicar of Church Hill," a galloping ditty that would make the Banana Splits yellow with envy. The pop "Can't Stop" will make you drop and the inane "Soda Water Bottle" is a three chord tongue-twister that any garage band could play. "Leg to Stand" is definitely better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and the orchestral "Routines" is filled with senseless violins. The Lennon inspired "Santa's Coming" must be kept out of reach of children due to the excessive use of double entendres. Sitars and guitars provide a psychedelic acid trip full of incense and pessimism of failed idealism with the medley "Goodbye Innocence/Are You Satisfied?" Then, with a final wave goodbye to Mr. Manchester, the CD rings to a close with a note that only parakeets can hear, followed by a secret hidden demo track. Well, not that secret anymore.